Commands during a game

Komi is the handicap of score in Go. Usually, it is set to 5.5 in a no-handicap-stone game, and 0.5 in a handicap-game. If Komi is positive, it will be deducted from Black's score at the end of the game. Otherwise, it will be deducted from White's score.

In a EMATCH, the server will set the suitable Komi automatically, in order to make it an Even Match. You only have to use it in a MATCH or FMATCH, if you want to change it.

Komi can only be set at the beginning of the game, before any move is made. Both players have to type the same number for agreement.

Ex. KOMI 3.5 will set the komi to 3.5
Ex. KOMI -5.5 will set the komi to -5.5

This command is used to place handicap stone for Black.
In an EMATCH, handicap stone will be placed automatically when required. You need only to use it in a MATCH or FMATCH when necessary. The value is 2 to 9. The maximum handicap is 9.
If you need to use handicap above 9, set to 9 and let Black plays while White playing PASS until you reach the handicap number.

How to play a move
If you are using a client program, you need only to click on the board. If you do not have a client program, you must input the move by indicating the X coordinate by A-T and Y cooridate by 1-19.
Ex. K10 will play a stone in the center of the board.

Take note that there must NOT be any space between the X and Y coordinates.

Take back a move
Usually, you MUST NOT take back a move in a game of GO. However, in some special situation, you might want to, like a miss click (usually called 'clicko'). In that case, you may use 'say' to give a message 'clicko' to your opponent. If your opponent agrees to take back your move, he will issue a 'UNDO' command to take back your move. Similary, sometimes your opponent might give you a 'clicko' or 'typo'. In that case, it is up to your judgement that whether you want to UNDO his move. If that is apparently a 'clicko', it is a netiquette to UNDO, otherwise, you can reject. It is all up to you.

SImply type RESIGN if you wish to resign the game.

If you need to adjourn a game due to some unexpected circumstances, issue an ADJOURN command. It will prompt your opponent and he will issue an ADJOURN command if he agrees to adjourn. Otherwise, you might have to RESIGN the game if you really have to leave. It is very impolite to disconnect inside a game. And if you do that, your opponent will gain a priviledge to win the game after waiting 5 minutes, unless you connect again within that 5 minites period.

Against escapers
ESCAPE from a losing game is USELESS in WING.
If you escape from a game, your opponent will be able to claim the victory (DECLARE command) of the game after waiting for 5 minutes. Similaryly, if your oppoent escapes, you need only to wait 5 minutes before you are able to use the DECLARE command.

Scoring a game
The scoring of e a game begins after 3 consecutive passes by both players. You need to play all moves before the scoring. After 3 passes, the server will issue a message to ask you to pick up the dead stones. Click on the dead stones to remove them. After removing all the dead stones, type DONE. The server will start counting the score after both players typed DONE. If you happen to pick up alive stones by mistake, type UNDO. That will bring you back to the initial state right after the 3 passes.
Below is a summary of the Scoring.
    < Pick up dead stones > (Use UNDO if necessary)

End of a game
Don't forget to say 'thx'(for thanks) or 'thank you' after the game. Now, enjoy the game!

[Match related commands]
EMATCH       Request an Even Match
MATCH        Request a Regular Match
FMATCH       Request a Free Match (Game will not count toward ratings)
ACCEPT       Accept a match request
DECLINE      Decline a match request
KOMI         Set the Komi of a game
HANDICAP     Set the Handicap of a game
SAY          Talk to your opponent in a game
RESIGN       Resign a game
UNDO         Take back your opponent's last move
ADJOURN      Request of adjournment
PAUSE        Request for Pausing the game clock
PASS         Pass a move
REFRESH      Redraw the board
OUTCOME      Display the outcome(rating) of a game
TIME         Display the time info of a game
DECLARE      Declare winning a game if your opponent escapes
DISMISS      Dismiss a game if your opponent fail to re-connect
GAMES        Show a list of all the games in play
SET OPEN     Set you open or close for game request
SET LOOKING  If you are looking for a game, set it on
SET VERBOSE  If no game board appears, check this switch

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Basic Commands of WING

If you are a newbie, the following commands are the least you need to remember. There is only a simple descript here, you can type 'help command' to refer to further details of that command. You can use '?' instead of help.
Please take note that the names of all players are case-sensitive. On the contrary, the commands are not case-sensitive. If the parameters of the command are parenthesized by a [ ], these parameters can be omitted. Don't type in the brackets.

STATS [player]
Show the status and informations of that player. Without player name will give you the status of yourself.

USER [option]
Show all players logged-in now.

Show a list of all games that are in play now.

OBSERVE GameNumber
Observe a game. Use UNOBSERVE to cancel the observation.

KIBITZ Message
Send comments to a game that you are observing. You can use this command to chat with other observers. The players of that game will not be able to see kibitzes.
You can use " as an abbreviation of KIBITZ.
KIBITZ Interesting move!
" Interesting move!

TELL Player Message
Talk to a player. Please refer to the TERMINAL and COMMUNICATION fields of that player to decide the language you should use. Although normally English is all-mighty, some players may have a different choice.
To talk to the same person, you can use a dot . instead to typing 'tell name'. That will save you a lot of typing trouble. Ex:
tell Tom hello!
. play a fast game?
EMATCH Player [Time Byo-yomi]
Request an even match to a player. The handicap and komi will be set automatically to make it an even match. See also MATCH, FMATCH.

SET switch ON/OFF/1/0
Change your settings. See 'HELP VARIABLES' for more details.

Leave WING. You can use also QUIT or BYE.

SAY message
Talk to your opponent.

Resign the game.

Ask your opponent for an adjournment. You can only adjourn a game when your opponent accepts it.

Undo a move of your opponent. You cannot undo your own move. Usually, Undo is forbidden as a manner of Go. Use it only when really necessary.

Add time to your opponent. You cannot add your own time.

Pass a move. Three consecutive passes by both players lead to an endgame.

Type this command when you finished picking up the dead stones, When both player typed DONE, the system will count the territory and set the results.

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[New Commands] [Basic Commands] [Rank] [Rank standard]
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Last updated: Nov.26/1997