WING's new features

If you are familiar with other Go servers such as IGS and NNGS, you may find the following pieces of information useful:

- The ranks on WING are roughly the same as those on the IGS. See: "help rankconv" for an approximate conversion table. If you have a confirmed rank (with an '*') on IGS or NNGS, you can ask one of the admins to confirm your rank on the spot. Use the admins command to find them.

- The WING rating system is designed to be fair and reasonable, and is fully documented; see "help ratingsystem". Some examples: if a match is not even, the effect on the rating will be reduced accordingly; your rank will never change for the worse for *winning* an uneven handicapped game; losing on time is no different from losing by 0.5 point or resigning; and so on.

- There is a new command, ematch, which automatically sets up an even match (by adjusting handicap and/or komi) based on the players' rating. The result of an even match has the greatest impact on the players' rating; an uneven match has less impact or none. See "help ematch" and "help ratingsystem".

- There are a pair of new commands designed to discourage escapers: "declare" and "dismiss". "declare" allows you to score a win if your opponent (possibly intentionally) loses connection and does not reconnect in 5 minutes. Similarly, "dismiss" allows you to void a game if your opponent loses connection and does not reconnect in 5 minutes. It is suggested that these commands be used sparingly, only against an obvious escaper. See "help declare" and "help dismiss".

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Last updated:Nov 26/1997