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WING ٵ αE.


ģϰE ְE E Eٵ ȣ Ͽ!

WING (World-wide InterNet Gokaisho) E ٵϾȣ ͳ Դϴ. 1Ͽ 7, ϷE24ð Ƚϴ ̰ ڿڵ ۵ϸEEE**E*Դϴ.

α ϱؼ E ܾ ǥ ͳ ٵ α׷ Ͽ ּҿ Ʈ Ͻʽÿ :

wing.gr.jp 1515

user, who, match, shout, tell, games, observe, pass, score, done, toggle automail on ǥ ɾ WING Դϴ. Eguest α Ͽ "register ̵Eemailּ ̸"Ͽ ϼE ̵ email йȣ ٽ α ϼE "password йȣ" Ͽ ڱⰡ ϴ йȣ ٲټE rank ޼ ϼE ѱ 5̸E"rank 4k" ϽðEѱ 1̸E"rank 2d"ϼE α׷ WING ׽Ʈ Ǿϴ:

α׷鰁Eȣȯ Ǹ鼭 WING οEƯ¡E/A> ֽϴ. 鸁E

E ͵ ٸEֽϴ... ϼż ˾ E

E˰EøḚ Ŭ ϼE

WING server software EE׽Ʈ ܰ迡 ֽϴ. ſE EE ߻ Eֽϴ. ߰ϴ ֽøEEϰڽϴ. ߰ϽøEsupport@wing.gr.jp EϽʽÿ.

˷E Eϴ:

There is also an English mailing list to discuss issues related to WING. To join it, write a mail to list-request@log.co.jp with the following line at the top of the mail body:

subscribe wing-eml

ͳݹٵ ó̽öE..

E E ʺڿEħϴ. ڷ EϽʽÿ. ̴ ϴ.
.....E ʺڸ ֽϴ. ⸦ E!

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