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You can play Go on WING
with your web browser.

(Internet Explorer 5.0 or above recommended)

Friendly,Fun,Free: For All Go Lovers!

WING (World-wide InterNet Gokaisho) is an Internet "gokaisho" ("go club" in Japanese) for Go lovers all around the world. Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, it is absolutely *free*, maintained by a group of volunteers.

To logon, simply start up your favorite standard Internet go client software (see below - telnet will also do), and connect to the following address/port:

wing.gr.jp 1515

Most of the standard server commands such as who, games, tell, and automatch work as they do elsewhere. Be sure to register first. The following standard Internet Go client programs have been tested on WING:

While maintaining compatibility with the existing client software, WING also has tons of new features, including:

There are much, much more... join us today and find out!

Click here!! for more information.

The WING server software is still in test phase. Although it is reasonably stable now, you may still encounter some minor problems. There are absolutely no obligations whatsoever, but we would very much appreciate your help in finding the bugs. If you find a problem, please tell us about it at support@wing.gr.jp.

Known problems include:

There is also an English mailing list to discuss issues related to WING. To join it, write a mail to wing-eml-ctl@wing.gr.jp with the following line at the top of the mail body:

#subscribe Your Name

If you are new to Internet Go...

We intend to offer a comprehensive Beginner's Guide to WING, but have not gotten around to doing that just yet. For now, please refer to other Internet Go resources listed below that describe how to play Go on other Internet servers such as IGS, NNGS and LGS. Details may differ, but the principles are the same.
.....By the way, there is a help file for beginners. Click here!!

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Last updated: Dec 30, 2001