For the Newcomers

Login as guest. Type GUEST and no password is required.
You can play or observe a game as a GUEST, but usually it is recommended to get a HANDLE name before you play on WING.
A HANDLE is a name you will be called on WING.
First, decide the HANDLE name you wish to use. A HANDLE name must satisfy the following conditions:
(1) It should consist of alphabets (case-sensitve) and numbers only.
(2) The length of the name should be 2 - 10.
(3) It should start with an alphabet.
(4) It is not used by someone else on WING.

To check if a handle has already been used or not, enter the following command in the input area (usually bottom of the window) after you login. For example, if you intend to use a handle 'David', type

find David

If it is not listed, you can use that name.
Please take note all handles on WING is case-sensitive. Therefore, David, david, DAVID are all different names.
To register a new handle, you need to provide your E-mail address.
For example, if your mail address is, enter the following command correctly:

register David

If you wish to register your name as well, add your name as well.

register David David Oistrach

If you typed correctly, the server will prompt you to enter the handle name and mail address again using the CONFIRM command, like this:

confirm David

After doing so, the server will send you a mail whichi contains the handle name and password immediately, which shall reach you usually within a few seconds, or in a few minutes, depends on your mail server. When you have the password, come back here again and enter WING with your new handle and the password. Now you are a member of WING!

See you on WING!

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