Play Go on Internet with a Web Browser


WING is a Internet Go Server located in Japan with compatibility for both NNGS and IGS.
Thanks to the great works of Rene Grothmann, Carl. L. Gay and Wada Hiroyuki, you can now access WING from your web browser by either Jago or Ergo/NErgo.
Try the alternative if your browser does not work on one of the following applets. There might be some JAVA compatible problems depend on your browsers.

Enter WING with Jago

Jago is a freeware contributed by Rene Grothmann. Visit Jago Homepage

Enter WING with hErgo

hErgo is a freeware contributed by Carl. L. Gay (sigue) and converted by unitarou.
Visit Ergo Homepage / Visit Nergo Homepage(Japanse only).

Enter WING with Zigc
(Zigc does not work on Mac)

Zigc is a freeware contributed by Leng Xia-Gang (